Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fighting Hard Because There Is No "Magic Pill"

I thought we would try a day out to the library. I packed my son's stroller, his chewy necklace, and the thought that he would look happily at the children's books while I chose some to bring home. Two of my older children also went with us. The minute we walked in to the library, he stiffened up. His arms and hands got tense, and his legs and body went rigid. We made our way back to the children's section, of course at the very far corner of the large building, and then all h*** broke loose. It was the largest public tantrum that he has had in many months. Not only did the screaming begin (and I am talking blood-curdling, top of his lungs, high-pitched wailing!), but he planted his feet between each front stroller-wheel and the frame to try to avoid me from being able to push him. So this is how we made our way out of the library, as quickly as I could possibly maneuver the now-hindered stroller, through every section until we made our way, finally, to the doors. Thinking about it, I wonder what it is about that quiet place. The lights? The humming of all of those computers? The people? Whatever it is, the library has joined the list of places my son can't stand.

This event helped spark a venting session to my sweet husband, who is so wonderful about listening to my ranting. I have a secret frustration with so many of the autism sites and blogs that I follow. So much of the time, I read the sentiment that parents would not change their child's diagnosis even if they could because it makes them who they are. And to that I just have to say, REALLY?!?! I adore my son as he is...but, right now, there is no cure for autism. Nothing that I, or anyone else, can do will change the fact that he has autism. And I have come to accept that. BUT, if some genius came to me tomorrow with a pill that would take away the autism...well, you can bet everything that I would give it to him. Why would I say that I wouldn't take away my child's pain...his digestive issues, his sleep problems, his frustration, his lack of interest in toys and friends, his uncomfortableness because of his sensory processing disorder in wonderful places like the library and the aquarium, his anger when he can't communicate even the simplest of things, his violent rages...the list goes on...IF I could take it away and he could be happy for even one full day...well, I would do it. And I really can't imagine that faced with this option, many parents with an autistic child would say no.

Now, knowing that there is not a "magic pill," I love my son all the same. Even more! I just needed to let that out. I will fight with all the love in my heart to give him a happy life. After all, he deserves it.

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