Sunday, January 30, 2011

Never Take It For Granted

Things that my son is doing that might be easy to take for granted, but I never want to:

1.  Using his language more, even if we still can't understand him!

2.  Using his sign language when we can't understand his "words."

3.  Remembering sequence of events.
     -eat dinner
     -brush teeth
     -go to bed (he usually asks for his big brother to put him to bed)

4.  Following multi-step directions in order.
     -go to the kitchen
     -get daddy's water bottle
     -bring it to daddy

5.  Playing with and "taking care of" his little brother.  This is huge for us, especially since he would have never initiated these things just a few months, or even weeks, ago.

Okay, so maybe he's not perfect with these things all of the time, but he is trying.  He still struggles with his reasoning skills, but we are hopeful after watching the other things that he has shown us that he can learn to be safe, even though he doesn't have this natural instinct.


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