Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Stimming

Christmas morning.  A time of happiness, joy, ... and tears???  My son was not even remotely interested in looking what little gifts he received in his stocking.  No, the excitement made him break down, in tears.  We quickly remedied this by bringing his high chair into the living room.  He climbed in and enjoyed the rest of a wonderful Christmas morning.  We couldn't help but smile at his gift opening style.  He would hold each present for about 20 minutes, flapping his hands and smiling, until he would finally rip it open.  He would then throw the new toy on the floor and ask for more.  This continued until all of the gifts were gone from underneath the tree.  I think we all might learn a lesson from him; slow down and smell the roses (or at least enjoy the wrapping paper!)  :)

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