Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where's My List???

I'm sitting here watching my little boys play cars together.  I feel very blessed, especially at this time of year, to have them both in my life.  They were so wanted and we waited a very long time for them.  I was also thinking of the "hidden" benefits to raising a special needs child.  Like the need to be organized.  I've had the self-given title of "Hyper-Organized" for many years now (trust me, not always a good thing).  This is not a joke; I've actually had friends give me sticky notes and note pads for gifts because they know how much I love my "lists."  Yes, I've always been organized, but I've learned to take it to a new extreme.  We have a lot of "therapy" toys, and we bring them out one at a time as not to overwhelm our son.  And even though some of these toys have a lot of pieces (blocks, play food, Hot Wheels collection), it is generally an easy clean-up at the end of the day.  My youngest son keeps his other toys in his room, which gives him special play time with his older siblings during the day.  Our schedule is also very routine.  While, I must admit, a lot of  days I feel a little bored, it keeps me on track and things get done.  I know that this is the season for raising my son, here at home, where he can feel comfortable and thrive.  Where he can feel love and acceptance.  And where we, as a family, can learn patience and understanding...not only for him, but for all others who might struggle with something of their own.  After all, what is "normal?"  Got to go, need to make a list to organize my lists.  :)      

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  1. Now you can cross this post off of your list;

    "Things about which to blog."