Thursday, December 2, 2010

Married Mom of Special Needs Child Looking for Long Walks in the Park (with children), Drinks (hot cocoa with the kids), and Dinner (Chuck E. Cheese anyone?)

This is my selfish post.  You see, I was venting to my husband the other day about friends who don't come over, or who just stand at the door and talk when they do.  About not being invited anywhere any more with the kids.  About never being invited to anyone's house.  (Please don't read this and have pity on me and feel like you need to invite me over, just venting.)  Anyway, my honey asked if I have posted about this on my blog.  And I started thinking that it might be a good idea.  After all, I can't be the only mom of an autistic child who feels this way.  In fact, I bet it's pretty common.  We start feeling very alone, very isolated, and even very judged.  I guess I may be in an unusual situation also in that I live far from immediate family and haven't been here long enough to figure out which people will be lifelong friends.  Don't get me wrong, there are a couple of wonderful friends who have been into my house more than once and are not scared away.  It's just that the friends who truly understand (those in similar situations) live a very, very long way away.  I liked when my house was the party house and the place to hold homeschool meetings.  Another thing affecting my feelings about this may be the fact that there are just not homeschool support groups in this area like in other places that we've lived.  It's hard to meet people.  And there are absolutely no support groups or play groups for special needs children and their families.  Okay, time to stop having a pity party and do something about it.  I think it's time to start a group for women like me and their families.  If I could just find the time.....

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