Friday, November 26, 2010

Flapping is Fun!

It was Thanksgiving today and my son was very excited, although I don't think he fully grasped everything that was going on.  He just knew that we were a little bit out of our routine, there was a parade with big balloons on TV, and a lot of food that he couldn't touch because of his allergies.  (I made him up a separate plate with "safe" food just for him.)  At one point, he started flapping his hands really fast.  After a couple of minutes, his 16-year-old sister joined in and flapped as fast as she could.  He thought this was great!  He looked at her and said, "Like it?"  She said, "Yes!"  He smiled real big.  And then I joined in.  Again, turning to me this time, he said, "Like it?"  And I said, "Yes!  I like it!"  Then the 10-year-old sister and baby brother started flapping, and here we were, all 5 of us looking like we were trying to fly away.  But the look on my son's face was priceless.  He was sharing something with us.  "Like it?  Like it?"  And you know what?  I like it!  It is fun to flap!

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  1. It probably helps to reduce stress. I can picture the whole family joining in. It also probably helped him feel like he had a little more control of his environment. You guys are great.:)