Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here We Go Again!

I have decided to start the newest protocol recommended by my son's DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) doctor.  I will start very slowly.  I have been hesitant to start anything new because my son is very sensitive to everything, and he's been pretty level lately.  BUT, the past two days have been rough.  Let me start by saying that we are on vacation and, although I've tried to keep his routine close to the same, I'm sure he is feeling the change.  I decided to do something fun for him yesterday and I took him to the aquarium.  He usually LOVES the calming effects of the water and fish, but I forgot to take into account that it is spring break where we are right now and the aquarium was packed with noisy kids.  I should have just turned around to leave, but I was meeting a friend and her kids there, so I thought we would get through. may have been the worst meltdown yet.  Actually, it was a continuous series of meltdowns.  All of us (my older kids and I) were exhausted by the time we left.  Therefore, it has prompted me to start on the special blend of homeopathics that his doctor sent with us on vacation.  There are other things that we are supposed to add also, but, again, I am going to go s-l-o-w.  Wish us luck!  

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