Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will I Never Learn?

Really?  Why do I always think that it will be different this time?  That I can live my life anywhere close to what I did before my son came along?  We are still on vacation, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to get out of the condo and take the entire crew (that would be me and 5 kiddos) to the mall.  It's not like the mall was crowded was a school day, and we arrived before lunchtime.  And we weren't really "shopping," just window browsing and stopping off for a treat.  By the time we left the mall with whatever dignity I had left a short time later, the entire mall was cheering with our departure.  Okay, so that may be exaggerating, but just a little bit.  It's days like today that I fantasize about downsizing and finding enough extra money each month to hire a full time nanny, (for trips such as today), and a house keeper.  :)

Final Note:  Please don't think that I don't love my son like crazy!  I do!  Just keep in mind that this is my safe place to vent, and the best therapy that I can afford.  ;)

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  1. Friend,
    If it makes you feel any better, I had my tots with me on Tuesday and one of the other moms commented that since I didn't do foster care anymore I could spank them. She also said she would have slapped their hands or at least pinched them so they wouldn't do it again. I told her we choose not to use physical punishment. They kept touching the piano. I was consistant and put them in time out all 20 plus times. I also left with no dignity and went thru the McD drive thru for my second sweet tea of the day. The worker said oh one's not enough. I half laughed and said listen I have a one and two year old and after today they are lucky this is all I drink. She laughed I tried not to cry. Sending hugs your way.