Monday, August 9, 2010

Riding the Roller Coaster

Yesterday was a great day for my son!  He was so happy and interacting with us so well.  He even initiated games, such as ball and tag, and said his first 5-word sentence!  "I want a purple chewy."  We got very excited to hear that many words put together!  By the way, a chewy is what he calls his water-filled toys that get stored in the freezer.

And then he had a melt down today.  Not part of the day, all of the day.  I feel so bad watching him on these days because I know his body just feels out of control.  He runs, screams, throws things, hits, kicks, flips light switches on and off, slams drawers and cabinet doors, spits, flaps his arms, and hits himself on the head.  It is really hard to see him like this.  We did a lot of calming, organized play today like building blocks and smooshing and rolling Play-Doh.  I hope he wakes up feeling much better tomorrow!  

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