Monday, August 30, 2010

Changes and Progress

This post may be boring to most, and honestly it's probably more for me.  A way for me to keep track of the changes we've made and, most important, the progress my son has made in the last few weeks.

My son was first put on a gluten-free, casein-free diet, but later pulled off of eggs also due to a food allergy.  We stay completely natural with him, and as organic as possible.  His sugar is also limited.

He is now on numerous supplements thanks to our wonderful DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) doctor that we have found.  Each day he takes:  Nystatin (to clear the bacteria out of his gut), Multi-Vitamins, Minerals, Vitamin C, CoQ10, Acidophilus, Fiber, Amino Acids, Vitamin B Complex, and a Neuro-Disruptor.  Although we don't get the last two items to stay down every day and are working with a compounding pharmacy at this point to put them into a suppository form.  He also gets Melatonin before bedtime because his body doesn't make it naturally, and it is what helps you fall asleep.  Whew, that's quite the list for a 3-year old, but I'm very grateful that we have decided to go the natural route with him instead of using chemical drugs.

So, for the changes we have seen.  He is adding more words to his vocabulary all of the time, and putting words together into small sentences!  He is interacting with us and wanting us to join in on his play.  He is walking on flat feet a lot of the time instead of on his tiptoes (the only way we have ever seen him walk.)  He is answering questions!  And he is starting to use his reasoning skills, which is amazing.  We are finally starting to see fewer tantrums and less anger, although his activity level is still very "hyper."  He is falling asleep faster at night time and waking up happier and more alert.  We are thrilled with all of this positive progress.  The doctor would like to add Vitamin B shots and Glutathione next.  We will have to learn to give the shots at home, and I believe the other is given through IV form, but whatever will help him and make him feel better...that is our goal.  We will continue to fight this and be his voice as long as necessary.         

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