Monday, September 6, 2010

Cows, Sheep, and SHARKS

My son has never quite understood how toy sets go together.  Well, the other morning when we were playing in his room right after he woke up, he got his farm set out of the closet.  He brought the fence pieces over to me so that I could help him snap them together.  He then proceeded to very carefully set up the fence in a semi-circle, put two cows near the fence, a sheep, and a farmer.  He said, "Moo" for the cows, "Baa Baa" for the sheep, and told me that the farmer was holding an apple and corn.  Then came the amazing part.  He ran back to his closet and pulled out a small toy shark.  He put the shark in the farm, and then ran away saying, "Scared!  Scared!"  He then started laughing!  Next he went and got an small toy eagle.  He put it in the farm, looked up at me, and asked, "Scared?"  I told him that maybe the eagle wanted to sit on the fence.  He then made the eagle balance on the fence.  He continued to play like this most of the morning.  Running around yelling "Scared!" after placing the shark, and making sure the eagle always had a place to sit on the fence.  Love that kid!

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  1. That is cute. I love it when they use their imagination. He sounds like he is doing good. Keep up the good work mom it is paying off.