Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Doctor's Visit

Okay, here's another boring post.  Unless you are going through this with a child of your own, you probably won't find this very interesting.  But, again, it's for my sake so that I can remember everything.  We took our son back in for another doctor's appointment today.  It was just a normal follow-up with his naturopathic DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) doctor.  We have seen more progress this month than during any other period with him before.  It has been awesome.  He is speaking better, putting together sentences, playing with toys in the proper way, and even interacting with others.  We went over the rest of his blood test results.  We learned that his immune system is working super hard and, therefore, his active white blood cells are high.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because it means that his body can actually fight stuff.  He also has low blood sugar, so we just need to make sure that he is eating often and getting plenty of protein.  The doctor is tweaking some of his supplements.  We are adding Taurine and fish oil right now.  I hope this fish oil does well because he's had a bad reaction (diaper rash) to another fish oil in the past.  We are also adding B-12 shots.  Ughh...that means that we have to learn to administer the shots here at home.  Poor kid, this is when I'm happy though that he doesn't feel pain.  We will eventually be changing some of his other supplements too as we run out of our current stock.  He actually did quite well during the visit today.  He was very social with the doctor and played with the wooden train set and blocks in the office most of the time.  We are fighting this, and WINNING!!!    

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