Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And the Winner of the Geography Bee is...

I went upstairs to put away laundry the other day while my oldest son played with his brother.  When I came down, just about 5 minutes later, the two boys were looking at a globe of the world.  My older son was very excited and said, "Mom, you've got to see this!"  He then proceeded to ask his younger brother to find different places in the world.  "Russia, Canada, Brazil," he started as his little brother would spin the globe and quickly point to the named place.  "China, Australia," he continued, with the same results.  And even added, "The North Pole and Home."  So then I added to the list, "Here is Australia.  This is Greenland.  This place is called Afghanistan.  And here is Mexico."  And then we "tested" this new knowledge.  Every time it was the same, he would spin the globe (usually very fast), stop it with his hands, and point to the proper location.  Very rarely was he off, and it was usually because there were two places fairly close to each other with the same coloring on the globe.  It was so much fun, and very cool!  We quickly went and got daddy from his office to come in and "play" with us.  Even he was stunned!  

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  1. It was amazing. And a bit insightful into what his little brain is capable of. If only we lived in vegas! ;)