Monday, September 6, 2010

Yes, it is a good night.

We went camping during the long Labor Day weekend.  We have set up our RV to be very comfortable for our son.  He has a high chair, plenty of toys, crafts, his favorite get the point.  My son loves to camp, until it comes to bedtime.  We just know that every time we camp, we are going to have to deal with tantrums when it comes time for him to get some sleep.  But he pleasantly surprised us this time (something that he tends to be doing a lot lately.)  Every night, while finishing dinner (dinners are usually later while camping), he asked to go to bed.  And every night, I thought that after I brushed his teeth and got him ready for bed that he would throw a fit about getting into bed.  But every night he gave us hugs and kisses and climbed right into bed.  Life gets a little easier all the time.  

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