Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finding the Right Mix

We added Taurine and fish oil to our son's supplement routine last week, and our son flipped out.  Tantrums, screaming, frustration, and irritability, worse than we have seen in the last month.  A call to the doctor confirmed that we should pull him off of both of these new things for a couple of days to let him calm down, and then introduce them one at a time.  In the meantime, a few days later, we started the B-12 shots.  While we haven't seen a marked improvement from them yet, they are much easier to give than expected (thank goodness!)  In fact, our son hardly knows we're giving it, and just says, "Pinch."  We then slowly started the Taurine again 3 days ago, and, once again, he has gone ballistic.  So we are pulling him off of that for now, and we will start the fish oil soon.  Hopefully there won't be any problems with that.  

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