Monday, January 30, 2012

Thank You...For All Those Who Don't Run Away

I have never announced my blog publicly. I've been writing about our life with autism since 2010, and something still keeps me from "putting it out there." This post may change things...(we'll see how brave I am...)... We had friends over to our house last night that we have not seen in 8 years! 8 YEARS! With moving from here to there, we just haven't lived close enough to easily catch up before now. Okay, why am I telling you this? Because it was their first chance to meet our little boys. One "typical", the other autistic...both perfect in their own way. After they left, I found myself feeling very grateful and wanted to tell them Thank You, very loudly! You see, they didn't get scared off when my son (who will be 5 in the summer) suddenly needed a diaper change in the middle of our conversation. They didn't look at me in a judgmental way when he started screaming because of the new noise in the house. They didn't even shun him when he started spinning and didn't want to stop. And best of all...they asked questions! Yes, they wanted insight into our life with autism. They asked beautiful, thoughtful questions about why he doesn't feel pain, how he learned to be affectionate, what his language skills are, and how the siblings are involved. So thank you to this wonderful family (they know who they are), and all people like them who open their hearts a little more (and don't run away!)

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