Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Therapy Notes

I realized during a therapy appointment this week that I should probably be taking better notes afterwards. I think I tend to take some of the advice in and use it, but I think so much of it just slips my mind until it's mentioned again. This was the first week in a long time that my husband couldn't be there with us, so I really am trying to remember everything that was said so that I can share it with him. The therapist suggested picking up a book for potty training since our son is showing some interest now that little brother is (almost) out of diapers. You can find the book here: . She also told us that we should be looking into occupational therapy again for him sometime in the next 6 months or so. Mainly to help with fine motor skills, such as writing and drawing. Speech therapy has also been mentioned in the past, but she doesn't think he'd benefit from that until he can learn to get a handle on his anxiety better and start trusting more people. Other than that, we talked some about the changes in diagnosing autism spectrum disorders, and the bill that is on the agenda in our state to get insurance coverage for autism. Neither one of these issues should effect our family too much (although I think everyone should fight for insurance rights) because my son was diagnosed with classic autism very high on the charts (from what I understand, the changes will mainly effect those diagnosed with aspergers or pdd-nos), and my husband's company that he works for is out of state, therefore our insurance is out of state. Wow, what a boring post. Are you still reading? That's all my rambling for now...until the next appointment.

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